macam2 hal

aku dah pening kepale ni. mane la aku nak letak d50 punye accesories ni. tah ade ke tidak orang nak beli. aku memang rase nak pi lempang2 jek budak hani tu. memang tak masuk akal la, jual d50 + kitlense tapi pastu body problem, amek body je balik semule, kitlense tu aku nak cucuk kat mane ek??? kat lubang idong dia bleh la gaknye… iskkk menguji kesabaran aku betul la budak ni!

ade orang nak beli tak??

aku nak jual.

1a & 1b. AF-S NIKKOR 18-55MM 1:3-5.6G (NO FUNGUS AND 100% WORKING!)  RM330
2.Nikon Quick Charger MH-18a (with power cord) together with original EN-EL3 rechargeable Li-ion battery (with terminal cover) and 1 another spare EN-EL3 batteries RM200
3.Prostar 52mm filter RM15
4.UC-E4 USB cable and EG-D100 video cable RM15
5. D50 manual book and Picture Project 1.5 Original CD RM5
6. Nikon slingbag with dust (hehe)RM25
All items together rm470

Package includes: CAN BUY SAPERATELY OR ALL BUNDLE (of course with discount)

Warranty:1a&1b – can test kaw2 mase cod, 2 – personal warranty 1 week

Dealing method: COD la better for item 1a,1b & 2. yang lain can do postage. please pay additional for postage RM4

Location of seller: kota damansara/pj/bandar utama/damansara

Contact method/details: pm/sms me 0122080522

Age of item: i just bought all this item from forumer nick ” regit ” with D50 body, but D50 body OUT already, CCD ROSAK n ADA FUNGUS! so, she dont want to take all this items back, so im suffering to sell all this item by myself! God bless her – R.I.P – REGIT aka TIGER –


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