ohooo limewire dah takde dah weh…. duluuuu rajin gak aku download gune limewire nih.RIP. ~wipes tear~

US court asks Limewire to shut shop

Bid farewell to this generation’s money saver for music, movies and software.   A federal judge in the United States of America, on Tuesday had ruled for the shutting down of the digital file sharing service after finding it liable for copyright infringement. Statements in the ruling

said that Limewire had cost record companies hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue losses and that record companies “have suffered”.

The ruling was passed in favour of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) which represented the record companies.

Limewire will still be allowed to test a service which allows users to buy music legally from independent recording labels while negotiating deals with mainstream labels to make a full-fledged, legal comeback.


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